Help Gaja Cyclone Victims in Nagapattinam District

Vanavil Trust

₹ 290,176

₹ 275,000
Days Left

Update Dec 7th: We reached to 5317 families 66 villages and hamlets and distributed the basic necessities like food, tarp, solar lamp etc with help of many supporters. At a time as dire as this every action like monetary support, volunteering time, material support counts. As the folks slowly trying to get back to normalcy, we want to help the kids get back to school. We would like collect money or material for a school kit. A typical school kit is a bag, pencil, erasers and notebooks. Join us in doing our little part to enable this kids get back to school.

Update Nov 24th: We have distributed 877 relief kits to familes in Thalaignayiru block and will distribute 270 more tomorrow. 

After more than week, people are still stranded with no roof or food as the relief camps are overflowing. We keep getting calls with request for food and Tarp for the roof. We are including Vedaranyam and Kilvelur to our relief efforts. 

Please help us to reach more families in need. Donate Money or Materials. Share the campaign to your friends. 

Few pics from the relief efforts.

Call to Action:

The Gaja Cyclone has wreaked havoc in ten districts of Tamil Nadu, when it struck the coast of Nagapattinam on the 15th midnight. It has devastated the coastal areas of Nagapattinam district, shattering homes and destroying villages. About 2.5 lakh people are in temporary camps in these districts and more than 80,000 people in the district of Nagapattinam alone. Not a single tree could be seen standing, not to mention crops, fishing boats, and homes in several villages. Thatched roofs have been blown away making people homeless and the children have lost their school bags, books and notebooks. Power supply is still not up after five days and it might take many more days to be revived given that more than 30,000 electric posts being damaged in the state. 

But having visited some of the coastal areas, we think that the urgent need of the moment are certain basic requirements. Drinking water and food is what people in the camps need, along with Mats and blankets to rest in the nights.. So, in the true spirit of Vanavil, a school that was born in the aftermath of Tsunami relief work we want to stand with the people of Nagapattinam once again and help them to face this calamity. 

One of the worst affected blocks in Nagapattinam district is Thalaignayiru. Here, farming and inland fishing is the primary livelihood sources and the landless agricultural labouring families are the most affected, as always. Please see the list of villages in this block and the number of affected families in the accompanying list.  

In order to meet the urgent basic needs of the affected people, we are in the first phase of relief, trying to mobilize dry foods and essentials. 

We seek your support in cash or kind to help the most affected people at this moment of crisis. 

Materials needed:

  • Bedsheet/ tarpaulin/candles/ mat
  • Biscuits/ eatables/ milk powder
  • Rice/ Pulses/ oil/ sugar/ tea powder/ rava/ chilli powder

Send materials to the address below and email us at

Vaasal Training centre,
No.265, Public Office Road,
Velipalayam, Nagapattinam - 611001

List of villages in Talaignayiru:

  1. Santhaanam theru – 170/650 
  2. Sinthamani theru – 50/180
  3. Lingathadi theru – 150/520
  4. Velaanimundal -71/300
  5. Muneeswaran koil theru – 50/200
  6. Santhaiveli theru – 130/600
  7. Pazhayatrankarai therku – 60/320
  8. Pazhayatrankarai vadakku – 60/320
  9. Vadakku theru, pazhayaru – 30/120
  10. Vadakku theru – 70/320
  11. Thirumalam – 100/400
  12. Mukkattai theru – 30/150
  13. Seraankulam – 220/750
  14. Pirinjimulai – 300/980
  15. Kesavan oodai – 50/725
  16. Sadayan kottagam – 150/680
  17. Ekarajapuram – 58/300
  18. Kadantheeddi – 600/1800


₹ 290,176

₹ 275,000
Days Left