Lokesh is making handicrafts for honoring the partition survivors

Lokesh Chakma

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Thanks for visiting my campaign page and following my activity

of handmade crafts

I have taken an initiative for a cause that’s very close to my heart. Join me in giving voice to priceless memories of Partition that are fading fast. It will mean a lot to me if you would take a moment to support me, or join me, and at the very least take a couple minutes of your time to read on and learn more about my campaign. 

I’m preparing personalised handmade crafts made from discarded household items to honor the partition survivors whom I have interviewed as a story scholar and gift them the handicrafts over the next one month with a goal of raising Rs. 39,000


HERE’S how you can participate

1) You can donate a contribution ON A SLIDING SCALE OF Rs. 50-500-5000

for each DIY crafts I prepare over the next one month. My goal is to prepare 9 personalised handicrafts and gift them to nine partition witnesses whom I have interviewed during my tenure as a story scholar at the 1947 Partition Archive

2) Tell your friends about my campaign - share it on social media! 

3) Join me in this meaningful activity and start your own campaign!  


West Bengal is one of the most prominent region where people have witnessed the worst after-effects of partition. The region was not only divided into two separate provinces during the British rule of India but also led to the creation of a separate nation after 1947. Millions of people were displaced from both sides of the border within a short period of time resulting in chaos and mass displacement. As a 1947 Partition Archive story scholar, I have recorded over 61 interviews from different regions of West Bengal which led to the

understanding of culture, language, political and historical backgrounds of the people who were forced to migrate during the time of partition. I have shortlisted partition witnesses from different regions of West Bengal and they have shared their incredible stories and experiences on partition and I would like to honor each of them by gifting self-made personalized handicrafts throughout the fundraising period.  

 However, the number of interviews that I have recorded is too minuscule and hence there is an urgency to record more stories and preserve them before we lose the remaining partition survivors forever. Therefore through my small effort, you can join me to ensure no stories are left that remain untold. 

You can track me live during each craft I prepare, updates will be available on my Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. I would love to connect with other art enthusiasts in India, Pakistan, US and other places as It will be great to connect with you beyond the borders for this noble and vital cause. 

ABOUT THE 1947 PARTITION ARCHIVE’s 10,000 story mission 

The 1947 Partition Archive is on a mission to ensure that people’s history of South Asia’s Partition is not forgotten. We document and preserve eye-witness accounts from ALL communities affected by the partition of British India. The aim is not only to preserve the stories for future generations but also to empower the partition witnesses and their families to re-write the existing narratives of Partition as well as to bring the knowledge

of Partition into wider public consciousness. 

We started this work in 2010 and have made a significant intervention already with nearly 7500 oral histories recorded, making it the largest oral history record from South Asia. Prior to this, the collective memory of Partition was on the verge of being lost. It is our goal to record 10,000 stories in the next year as thousands of people await the opportunity to share their memories. Given that Partition happened more than 70 years ago, there is a

great urgency today as those who remember are in their 80’s and 90’s today. 

How this initiative will help

Through this unique initiative of creating art work, I’m raising money to help support the

recording of 2,000 more families’ oral histories with The 1947 Partition Archive and your contribution will make a huge impact in reaching this goal. Whether you donate Rs.100 or Rs. 1,00,000 Every little bit helps. You can donate any amount today, in support of my inititative.  


The 1947 Partition Archive has been featured in prominent journals and publications around the world including New York Times, Economic Times, Times of India, Business Standard, Dawn.com, etc. 

(choose your recent articles, or chose from past articles such as those in the New York Times from our website: https://www.1947PartitionArchive.org)


Here are the recent ones: 




Saving the library before it burns:  






Every Rupee that we earn goes a long ways. When all of us come together, we can together raise the funds to gather the resources required to record oral histories. 

 Here are our costs: 

Rs. 1000 - help purchase a camera tripod 

Rs. 5000 - help us purchase camera memory cards &

hard disks 

Rs. 13,000 - ONE STORY! average cost of recording and

archiving one video interview  

₹ 32,750

₹ 39,000
Days Left