Support quality education for conflict affected children in Sukma for Project Shiksharth

for Bhumi
Ashish Kumar Shrivastava

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Over 25000 people ( civilians, security personnel and extremists ) have died in the Left Wing Extremism violence ( commonly known as ‘naxal violence’ ) since 1980 with at least one life every single day over a 35-year period beginning 1980 and a majority of those killed were civilians.Violence because of naxalism affects 25% of India ( Tracking the naxal death toll ) . 

Sukma southernmost aadivasi ( tribal ) district of Chhattisgarh infamous of the frequent encounters between naxal forces and security forces, is one of the most backward region of the country witnessing some of the worst tragedies of modern day India in terms of human rights violation, conflict linked deaths , displacing villagers.   A glimpse into socio-economic conditions of the region:

1. Out of 142 Gram Panchayats 42 - sensitive, 37 - highly sensitive and 62 - extremely sensitive

2. 60% of GPs with poor or no road connectivity

3.11 bank branches mostly one manned branches

4. 3 petrol pumps only at district headquarter for national highway covering approx 200 kms

5. Posters, slogans, loudspeakers, gram sabhas not allowed due to naxal pressure

6. Extreme cases of mal-nutrition in the region.

7. Severely affected by vector-borne diseases.

8. In places like Chintagufa, ration is delivered by security forces every six months.

 In Sukma alone because of the conflict:

1. schools at 36 locations were destroyed

2. basic education services got affected for 50000+

3. Over 300 school are completely/partially
inaccessible for the 50000 children in Sukma alone

While delivery of services are delayed and inaccessible, destruction of property happens, human rights violations are often heard of, it is the children who have been the most vulnerable forcing problems that might exist for generations to come owing to lack of education and resulting in exploitation, health issues, livelihood challenges and poor socio-economic conditions. 

Bhumi through Project Shiksharth will be supporting and addressing
the problem of access to quality education and improving the education status
for naxal affected tribal children who are either enrolled in government
schools but lack quality education or children who are out of school because of
the naxal conflict.

Project Shiksharth is undertaken with the 3 approaches: 

a) Creating safe spaces for children  

b) Develop contextual education solutions 

c) Collaborate with government  

In alignment with the above approach Project Shiksharth has undertaken the following interventions since 2015 while working in Sukma on ground with the children, communities and government: 

a) Gyanodaya – A project designed to bring back out of school children and take them through a bridge course learning program for 1 year and get them enrolled in a nearby
safe school. This year we will be working with over 5000 children by re-opening
schools that have been closed for over a decade because of the conflict

b) Multi-lingual education and contextual pedagogy – Action research-based work to
improve quality of education by developing contextual teaching learning resources in schools

c) Technical support to local government – Working in designing and implementing various
quality interventions for local administration.

 A glimpse of the impact:

1. Over 1000+ out of school children back to schools because of Project Gyanodaya din
collaboration with local administration.

2. Directly served 3000+ children and achieved 1.5 times growth in learning level of the children in our classrooms through our work on Multi-Lingual Education and Contextual Pedagogy. 

3. 15+ localized science modules developed using low cost resource and 150+ workshops done over 300 hours impacting approx. 2000 children as part of the Science Education Program with 70% knowledge retention rate. 

4. 6th standard tribal students Roshan Sodi being awarded by Honourable President of
India for his idea in handling EVM machines during elections as part of IGNITE
and 6 students selected at national level for final round 

5. Impacting over 30000+ children by designing, contributing and collaborating with
government for education city and education hubs, Chhattisgarhs’ first science theme
park, designing Ullas summer camp ( residential and non residential ), Dr.
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam IGNITE Awards

₹ 1,493,402

₹ 3,000,000
Days Left